🐰 Metallic jumbo easter eggs 🐰

RTS Blanks and Buys

Available for pre-order

These jumbo eggs open and can be stuffed with crayon boxes, candy, toys, goggles, clothing and so much more!
They’re perfect additions to the Easter basket! They come with a 3 letter monogram, name or single letter vinyl decal.
Closing 2-28 with a 3-4 week turnaround
Please leave full name for 3 letter monogram or full name.
As well as monogram choice (we will choose font and colors for what looks the best)
Colors: Clear lid- Dark Pink, Fuchsia, Gold, Light Blue
Material: Plastic
Finish: Metallic
Length: 3.625 in.
Width: 5.25 in.
Height: 2.5 in.
Dimensions are: 8in long x 5in wide x 5in thick
6.99 each